A product of Australia, Dog Rocks are pet parent and vet endorsed worldwide.
Let your dog save your lawn!

The original 100% natural solution for dog urine burn marks

Dog Rocks® are a product quarried in Australia that helps prevent those nasty urine burn stains appearing on your lawn.
About us

Dog Rocks save your lawn from dog urine burn patches.

Dog Rocks® filter out impurities from water such as tin, ammonia and nitrates.

What are Dog Rocks?

Dog Rocks are the original solution to dog urine burn in your garden. The only 100% safe and natural product of its kind, Dog Rocks stop dog urine burn from ruining your lawn, grass and hedges.

One pack of Dog Rocks in your dog’s water bowl will keep your lawn lush and free from urine burn patches for up to 2 months. Unlike many products claiming to cure burn patches, Dog Rocks DOES NOT alter the pH of your dog’s urine, it works by removing the excess of nitrates found in drinking water, making them 100% safe for dogs to use their entire lives. They actually end up drinking a cleaner source of water. Win, win.

A product of Australia, Dog Rocks are pet parent and vet endorsed worldwide.

How to use Dog Rocks

  • 1
    Remove your Dog Rocks from the packet and rinse them under water.
  • 2
    Place your Dog Rocks in your dog’s water bowl then fill the bowl with water.
  • 3
    Leave the rocks in the water for 8 hours. For best results top the water at night before bed.
  • 4
    Replace your Dog Rocks after 2 months of use.
Dog Rocks work best when used alongside a premium dog food.

"My two Jack Russell’s have always left the trademarks in our small backyard. After using Dog Rocks, we have seen a huge difference in our lawn and highly recommend Dog Rocks to anyone. It really works!!"

Linda from Bizworks

“We have two large German Shepherd dogs, one male one female, and have NEVER been able to maintain a decent lawn. Since using Dog Rocks, our lawn has never been greener without the usual yellow dead patches. We have tried every available product in the past and this is the only one that has ever worked.”

Sandy Meckiff
Beaumaris, Australia

"Our lawn was burnt by Sam our male cocker spaniel's urine until I was introduced to Dog Rocks – now we have luscious green lawn with no yellow patches. It’s not until the Dog Rocks wear off that you really notice how wonderful this product is in maintaining green grass without those unsightly yellow patches."

Liz Bostock
Malvern, Australia

"Our back garden was looking very patchy due to Molly (my Jack Russell) urinating on the grass, but after 3 weeks I could notice a real difference…lots of new growth and no more burn patches. I’m sure with Spring around the corner we will be able to enjoy our garden once again."

Meredith Kelly
Hawthorn, Australia

"It was recommended to me by a pet shop owner when I said that the rocks weren’t working as I had expected them to and he told me that the water I was using to top up was diluting the rocks efficacy. Needless to say I have a spare bucket with rocks in that I use to always top up drinking bowls."

Victoria, Australia

"We had to replace our backyard’s lawn last December due to burn marks from our two Dalmatians – since then we have used Dog Rocks with great success – our lawn is now healthy and green!!”

Anna & Jason Wright
Port Kennedy, Western Australia

Before and After

No more dog urine burn patches on your lawn,
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